Haunted Attractions

Haunted Attractions, Dark Rides, Props

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  • Design

  • Fabrication

  • Retrofitting

  • Installations

Production Support

  • Elm Street Hauntrepreneurs, Forney TX

  • Fairmount Park's Halloween Thriller, Philadelphia PA

  • Grisly Gothic Gables, Philadelphia PA

  • Haunted Hotel Dark Ride, Pavilion Amusement Park, Myrtle Beach SC

  • Haunted House Of No Return, Philadelphia PA

  • Haunted Mansions and Creep Festival

    Electric Factory Concerts, Philadelphia PA

    DiCesare-Engler Productions, Pittsburgh PA

    Pro-Mark/Magic Works, Philadelphia PA

  • House Of 200 Screams, Easthampton MA

  • House Of Horrors, Philadelphia PA

  • Kandy Halloween Event, Playboy Mansion CA

  • House of Terror, Chicopee MA

  • Madison Scare Garden, New York City NY

  • Mayhem Manor Salem, Salem MA

  • Monstrosities, Philadelphia PA

  • Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Cornwall PA

  • Screams, Waxahatchy TX

  • Screemers, Toronto Canada



We invite you to visit Grisly Gothic Gables


though you may never find your way out!


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