We are those things that go bump in the night

Born and raised in Western Massachussets, Erush came to Philadelphia in 1984 to attend Temple University where he earned a bachelor's degree in theatre. He worked for five years as Senior Exhibit Preparator at the Academy of Natural Sciences Museum, saving up his vacation time every year to create and operate Fund Raiser Halloween Haunted Attractions. After leaving full time employment at the museum, he continues to work free-lance for various museums and theaters designing and fabrication exhibits, set and props, and to produce October Seasonal Haunted Attractions.

Whether lurking in dark dusty Museum basements or producing Haunted Attractions, for more than 35 years our multi-talented Skeleton Crew has consistently created visually exciting and psychologically unsettling product...

Bringing your darkest nightmares to reality through the use of imaginative artistry, time-proven illusion techniques, and a slightly off-center approach.


Mad Skills For Hire

...more than you need to know about me...
the haunting of Allan Erush
story by Dusti Lewars Poole for
Haunted Attraction Magazine




We invite you to visit Grisly Gothic Gables


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